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- Research back to all 8 great-grandparents

- Maternal and Paternal ancestors

- 8 surnames of one ‘Home Person’

- Names & details of all their children/grandchildren included

- A4 custom-designed high-quality hardback book, approx. 80 pages

- Each chapter tells the story of one couple through an engaging narrative / ‘story feel’.

- Your family photographs included.

- Combining genealogical information with local & social history to provide a sense of what their lives were really like.

- Original records, e.g. Birth, Marriage & Death certificates, Census records.

- Military service records & information

- Criminal records & information

- Old maps and photographs

- Newspaper articles, warts and all!

- All records transcribed for ease of reading

- Personalised message [e.g. Happy 60th Birthday Mum, with all our love xxx]

- Optional gift-wrapping (no extra cost)

- Shipping to UK mainland address

Four Generation Family History Book - Detailed

  • Full name and date of birth of the Home Person, as bare minimum. The more you can provide me with at the outset, the better. This could be online research or photos/documents you send to me electronically - Every project is different. 

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