Family Tree Gifts & Packages

Every one of these products and packages has been put together specifically to ensure they make once-in-a-lifetime gifts that will become treasured keepsakes to hand down the generations. 

Only the highest quality resources are used as well as the latest in design technology. All research is conducted in line with the British Genealogical Proof Standard. 

Prices are 'all in', with no hidden charges or other nonsense. 

Each family is unique and I pride myself on being flexible when it comes to your wishes & budget. If what you see here isn't precisely what you're looking for just get in touch and we'll put together something that's perfect for you. 

A 20% deposit is required for all orders as well as some basic information on family names & dates. Payment plans are available. 

I'll stay in touch with updates throughout the project so you'll be able to raise questions at any time. 

For more specific details, have a look through the items above and if you have any questions, get in touch.  

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