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Christmas Family Tree Boxed

I am an experienced Genealogist in West Yorkshire,

providing a range of professional Genealogy Services including Ancestry Research,

Personalised Family Trees and Gifts suitable for any occasion.

Bringing Ancestry to life!

With 16 years experience, I passionately appreciate the joy of researching your Ancestors and more importantly – finding the records that bring their stories to life! Take a look at my Gallery to see some examples. 

You will learn about what was going on in the areas where your Ancestors lived at that time, as well as what their day-to-day life would have been like. From Religion, Politics and Economy to the details closer to home such as what they were wearing, eating and doing in their spare time.

Personalised Family Tree Gifts

A Personalised Family Tree is a fantastic gift choice for any occassion. Read my Testimonials to see all the people who have been delighted and deeply moved by my unique Personalised Family History Gifts - often saying it's the best gift they've ever had!

Your Ancestry Records professionally researched.

Aside from a range of Original Records, I use Local and Social History to create a ‘storybook’ style narrative that helps you step into the lives of your Ancestors.

  • Original Civil Registration and Church Parish Records showing Births & Baptisms, Marriages & Divorces, Deaths & Burials.

  • Military Records including WW1 and WW2 as well as further in-depth Military information about your Ancestors who served in the military.

  • Newspaper Articles featuring your Ancestors themselves, as well as the places they lived and events that affected their lives.

  • Maps that show the areas where your Ancestors lived, with like-for-like comparisons to today’s Google Maps.


English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish Ancestry

As well as Yorkshire Genealogy, I can also research your Scottish, Welsh and Irish Ancestors. I also have experience with Ancestry in the USA, Australia and some areas of Europe.  

Help with your Ancestry

Maybe you've done some Genealogy research and need some help from a professional? No problem!

Get in Touch

Whatever your interest in Genealogy, I've been passionate about it since I was a teenager and Family Trees by Hannah was founded to make sure everyone has chance to find out about their Ancestors beyond basic records.

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Transforming your Research

Already done some Research?

I can pick up from where you left and use your work to create something worthy of taking pride of place on your wall at home. 

Finding the 'Juicy Stuff'

I use a wealth of resources, Local & Social History to focus in on the things that are most interesting.

From Skeletons & Scandals to Wealth & Fame - I look for it all!

Time & Money

Project timescales range between

2 and 8 weeks. 

After a small deposit, there's nothing to pay until the project is print-ready - a date we'll negotiate to fall at a time that suits you.

Full Family Tree

The all-time most popular product. 

Researching all your main familial lines, up to all 16 Great Great Grandparents

Family Tree (A2 size) to hang pride of place at home. A book brimming with things that bring life to the stories of your ancestors.

You can expect to see Original Historical Records, find out where your Ancestors lived, worked and worshipped, Photographs of people & places, Maps, Military Records, News Articles and often much more! 

Why is it so popular?

It's the tree that's most likely to uncover interesting things. You have 32 great great grandparents which is typically over 200 years of history and they're all from different places - there's always bound to be something interesting!

How does it work?

Get in touch. All I need is some basic details to provide a custom quote, and I'll walk you through the rest. It's easy-peasy :)





Prices start at £195 (incl Delivery and P&P) 


Read the bizarre tale of a family 'haunted' by a talking  mongoose

on the Isle of Man in the 1930s. 

A classic example of the many bizarre and fascinating stories

I find during my research as a Genealogist. 

The Perfect Gift

"My dad said it was the best present Christmas present he had ever had"

"This will be the best Christmas present I've ever given"

"The Scroll is proudly hung in her hall and she enjoys showing her family her treasured book"

Hand Drawn Family Trees

Family Trees by Hannah is partnered with Artist Rob Gill of Family Tree Portraits.


While I provide the research element, Rob creates the most breathtaking hand-drawn Family Tree Portraits,

which incorporate images of the places and people that relate to the family. 

Each portrait is carefully put together over several weeks, and the end result is nothing short of spectacular. 

Get in touch to find out more. 

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Bradford, West Yorkshire, England