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Family Trees by Hannah 

Finding your ancestors & bringing their stories to life

Experienced & passionate genealogist

based in West Yorkshire.

Dedicated to helping people discover

their family history

in the most engaging way possible. 

Whether you've already done some research

or know nothing at all about your ancestors,

I can create treasured keepsakes

and an unforgettable experience.

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Christmas 2020 Exclusive Offer

Framed Four Generation Family Tree

Researched for you

Custom Brand New Design

Beautifully Framed

Lovingly Gift-Wrapped

Sent directly to your loved one, 

ready to go under the Christmas Tree

Maximum brownie points

with no need to leave the house! 

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Family Trees

Family Trees depicting up to 5 generations,

 researched for you

& ready to hang pride of place.

I can research along the main bloodline (parents, grandparents etc)

or focus on a particular surname.

Various sizes & designs available.

Bringing Ancestry to life!

With 16 years experience in genealogy, I'm passionate about helping people learn about their family history beyond just names and dates. I combine a range of research methods & resources to tell you about what the lives of your ancestors were really like within the context of local and social history. 

I have a back catalogue of overwhelmingly positive Testimonials from people who have been delighted with their Family Trees and Books, as well as people who I've helped through brick walls in their own research, and reunited with estranged loved ones. I've made some friends for life along the way, too!

All my Products and Services focus on making sure my clients get the answers they're looking for, at competitive rates. 

I have over a decade of experience searching for ancestors & solving mysteries in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the USA & Australia. I've also covered research in some parts of Europe.

Maybe you want to have a Family Tree researched for you either for yourself or as a gift. Perhaps you've been doing your own research & got stuck? Whatever your wishes or needs, when it comes to ancestry I am always able and willing to help. Bring on the challenge! 



Whether you want an entire family tree researching from scratch or answers about a particular relative, want to know who used to live in your house or what your ancestors were during the war, I can find the answers you're looking for.

Transform my Research

Many people do loads of research online then wonder what to do with it, especially - "How can I pass this down to my kids?" Get in touch to share with me your research & have a chat about what we can put together so you can feel like your hard work has really paid off!

Find a loved one

I've helped many people find estranged loved ones. Parents, siblings, aunts & uncles and even friends. I've also helped people navigate the UK adoption system to find their birth family. Often I can find answers within weeks or even days for people who've been searching for decades. 


Family History makes a truly unforgettable gift, guaranteed to get you in the good books! I make sure every detail is just right & many of my customers have been deeply moved by the results. If you don't see exactly what you like on my website, get in touch and let's put together a custom package to make your loved one smile.

Check my Research

Done some research and not sure if it's right?

No problem. I'll check your research (online or paper-based), give you some advice & make sure you can carry on having fun journeying into your family's past. 

Design from scratch

Over the years I've done all sorts of different designs for different types of project and varying tastes. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, I'm always happy to design from scratch so you can feel extra proud every time you walk past that Family Tree hanging in your home. 

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Bradford, West Yorkshire, England