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An Irish Adventure!

All Sandra knew about her Ancestry was that her parents had come to England, from Ireland in the 1930s. Having spent many years caring for her own family, she'd decided the time had come to find answers. With hardly anything to go on, she got in touch and asked for my help.

Within a few days I'd built up a Family Tree that showed the details of all 8 of Sandra's great grandparents - all of whom were from Dublin.

The project continued and eventually the tree had grown to contain nearly 30 people dating right back to the beginning of the 1800s.

I also found some living relatives who connected with via Facebook, and discovered Sandra had an older brother who had died as an infant.

In Summer 2019 Sandra was on her way to Ireland, armed with a book I'd put together for her to take her on a tour of the places her Ancestors had lived. Over a long weekend I received regular updates saying she was having an incredible time.

We'd managed to find the final resting places of some of her relatives in Glasnevin Cemetery where Sandra was able to visit and lay flowers.

Several months on, Sandra is still going strong doing her own research and planning another trip to Ireland with her daughter this year - to find out even more!

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