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Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

With over 15 years experience, I turned my lifelong genealogy passion into a full time career in October 2017.


I’ve always recognised the importance of ‘putting the flesh on the bones’ of genealogical research, using local and social history to bring life to the stories of people who have gone before us.


Names, locations, occupations (and wealth!) are among the main things people want to know about their ancestors. But what about what their jobs were like? What were their houses like? What did they wear, eat, do for fun? The answers to these questions are where the real stories lie, allowing us to connect to our ancestors by drawing comparisons between them and us in all aspects of life.


I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of opening a fancy box containing beautiful keepsakes which tell the stories of their people in a deeply personal way. Being able to see the original records, maps and photos of ancestors is where the fun lies! Connecting people with living relatives is the other part of my work and I’m proud to have united many people with lost siblings, parents and cousins etc.


Having spent 10 years working in IT, I now spend my days working from home digging through historical records and venturing out to find all the ‘extras’ that really make the research findings exciting! I live & breathe it and love every moment of it.


Nearly 2 years on from starting my venture, most of my customers are now people who have come to me through word of mouth and many of them have remained friends due to the personal nature of the work.


It is my goal to keep uncovering the stories of our ancestors and telling them in the most engaging way possible, remaining flexible and keeping things tailored so as many people as possible have chance to find out about the ties that bind them and having something to truly treasure.

There is no challenge I won't have a go at or project I won't consider, so get in touch!

Who knows who you might be related to.....

I look forward to hearing from you,